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A Passion for Movement

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the process of making myself better at a certain movements. It didn't really matter what it was, I just enjoyed the process of getting better.

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Recognition for My Work

When I got older, I chose to specialize in baseball, in large part because the baseball swing was a challenge for me - a puzzle I just had to put together. In 1996, after a dismal year in college where I hit just .196, I made a swing change, and it worked. Within just a few years, I was working with MLB hitters and helping them make similar changes to their swings. In the book Swing Kings, Andrew Friedman called my work with MLB hitters "influential and instrumental."

My Mission

My love for movement has taken me on quite a journey. I've worked with professional baseball players, golfers, and MMA fighters. My mission now is to show people that movement is much more than we are taught. Movement is a language, and therefore, just like changing one small sentence can change a story, changing one small part of your swing can completely change the "story" that it tells over your career.


Cevallos told Zobrist he could turn him into a power hitter...The results have been remarkable.

ESPN The Magazine

That was the first time a hitting guy outside of the close-knit infrastructure of Major League teams was that instrumental and influential.

Andrew Friedman, President of the Dodgers

He took notes, made changes, and took more notes.  Now MLB players pay him to look at those notes, because Jaime has figured out how to improve some important numbers.

Timothy Ferriss, NYT Bestselling Author

Ted Williams once remarked, 'Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports'…Jaime Cevallos has made it his life’s mission to conquer the unconquerable.

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Jaime Cevallos has reached the highest form of intelligence with the golf swing: SIMPLE!

Ted Purdy, PGA Tour Winner

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