The Swing Mechanic Approach to the Haymaker (Clothesline) Punch

Not all movements in sports are created equal.  There are some that are far more valuable than others.  This is the case when it comes to the Haymaker punch in MMA, also called the "Clothesline."  It is one of the few moves that can end a fight instantly, and yet it is mostly completely omitted from fighters’ repertoire, either because it's too dangerous or because the coaches believe it is not an effective punch.

This means right now there is a huge opportunity out there to be capitalized upon when it comes to the Haymaker punch.  I’m not the only one to have recognized this opportunity.  Bas Ruten, one of the great MMA fighters of all time and now a commentator has noticed it as well.


When I approached MMA coaches and fighters about this opportunity, they would get really defensive and basically laugh at me.  I used to get the same treatment when it came to the baseball and golf swings, until they realized that I was really helping hitters and golfers. I understand why I get such resistance.  I propose a challenge to what they've been teaching and learning for years, sometimes decades.  But I know an opportunity in sports when I see one, and there is a huge opportunity right now when it comes to the Haymaker punch in MMA.  

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