The Swing Mechanic's Lead-Arm Baseball Training Bat (one size for little leaguers and adults)

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How Does the Front Arm Training Bat Work?

Today's new-school, data driven approach to swing instruction is just making hitters frustrated, confused, and no better than they were before.  There's a key understanding that is changing the game of swing instruction, and it is that the greatest pound for pound hitters of all time were overwhelmingly front arm dominant, meaning their strong and coordinated arm was their front arm.  This is not just opinion.  This is real scientific fact.  Therefore, the more you make your swing dominated by your front arm, the better your hitting will be.  The Lead-Arm Training Bat, used in conjunction with the Lead-Arm Progression, will quickly give you the feeling of great swing, so you can hit for more power and consistency than ever before, and finally walk to the plate with confidence knowing that your training is finally paying off.


  • The Fungo Barrel makes it the right size and shape to hone a front arm dominant swing structure.  Other training bats have regular game-bat barrel which can often be too big.  
  • The Grit Handle lets you swing hard and focus on your practice without worrying about losing your grip.  
  • White Rock Maple Wood gives you a heavy enough feel to get the front humerus compression at the start of the swing, but is not so heavy that it doesn't give you a realistic speed and feel.  White Rock Maple is also extremely durable.  
  • The 26.5 Inches Length gives you a realistic, game speed on your swings.  Other training bats are often too short and feel more like you're swinging a hammer, and therefore, once again, don't give you a realistic feel to what you will feel in a game.
  • 21 ounces is the perfect weight for either little leaguers or adults.  I've tested numerous sizes and weights, and after years of fiddling, this is what I've settled on.  No need to change bats as you get older.  This bat will be the only one you'll need for the rest of your career