The Front Arm Progression For Feeling a Great Baseball Swing


I finally finished the video that I believe, in many ways, was the purpose of embarking on my journey to understand the swing in the first place more than twenty years ago.  I always wanted a simple way to relay the feeling of a great swing to someone.  

I had tried writing books but it left people with too many questions.  It's hard to convey the feeling and look of movements in books.  So I taught myself a little video editing and spent many hours contemplating what a video would look like if it was going to be effective at getting this new swing feel out to the public.  I tried long videos but of course people are too busy and the main message is hard to extract in a long video.  The problem was, I just had so much to say.  

In time, I learned how to cut the fat and get right to the point, something that I believe is drastically needed in today's swing instruction landscape.  There's too much explaining of theories and analogies and not enough just getting to the feeling that they believe comprises a great baseball swing.  

The video you see above is currently the best I can do at delivering the feeling of a great swing.  It's the culmination of everything I have learned about the baseball swing, twenty plus years of blood, sweat, and tears all rolled up into two minutes and forty five seconds. 

So many swing coaches give you all the bells and whistles of their swing theories and leave your swing in no better shape than before.  I've come to realize that in the end, all that really matters is that I can deliver the feeling of a great baseball swing to you and everyone else who wants to know it.  When I played, I wish I had crossed paths with someone like me - someone who could simply give me a way to know what the best hitters are feeling through the swing.  All I every ran into were guys who were teaching things they were taught to them - passed down from one coach to another.  And none of it helped.

I believe that if I'm right and my understanding of the swing is more true than anything else that's out there, then the video above will have a big impact on hitters this spring and maybe even a big impact on the future evolution of baseball.  Thanks for watching!

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