The Myth of Deceleration in the Baseball Swing

In this video I touch on the misconception of deceleration in the swing. Of course it happens to some extent, after all, we don't continue to rotate like a fan. However, to focus on deceleration in the swing doesn't work. It will make the swing more clunky in the end. I also touch on the faulty practice of teaching big muscle movements in the swing. I am a firm believer that teaching big muscle movements in the swing is a mistake. Again, it leads to clunky swings. No disrespect to Casey Smith. He's got a huge influence on instagram and he's just a hitting instructor trying to make a living. But I don't think he's teaching the right kind of swing. In this video I break down where I see the flaw in his hitting swing philosophy, and in the philosophies of thousands of other coaches who believe the same.

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