The Box Vs. Hand Depth


So much is said about creating a box with the arms and shoulders and keeping that box intact all the way to contact. Folks, this is just more "stay-inside-the-ball" methodology. Sure it can work for someone who's 6'8", 280 pounds or guys pumped up on steroids, but the rules are just plain different for them. Instead of just blindly following any good hitter, try a more strategic approach.  Instead, try starting with the best pound for pound hitters of all time.  You can download the top 100 pound for pound hitters list here.  

Once you have that list, you can google their names and watch their swings online.  What you will see is that most of them barred the arm out, got hand depth (meaning the hands were more behind them then in front of their chest), and were very connected at contact.  If you do what most instructors tell you and create a box with your arms and keep them that way to contact, you will achieve a very disconnected position at contact.  Good luck having any sort of power with that position at contact.  You can have that position at contact and be a slap hitter and have high levels of consistency, but why when the best hitters ever showed us that you can have both.  The key is being connected at contact, and getting hand depth.

In the above video, I take you through some video of swing gurus who advocate the boxing of the arms in the swing.  It's a conventional teaching right now that pretty much everyone teaches but me, and it's making hitters worse on a large scale.  

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