Pre-Extend Your Wrists - Another Way to Feel the Structure of a Great Swing


Many of the greatest pound for pound hitters actually swung with their wrists very pre-extended.  Mel Ott, Stan Musial, and Jackie Robinson come to mind.  But there have been quite a few.  So not only is this a good way to feel the structure of a great swing, but it might just be the best way for you to hit too.  By pre-extending the wrists, you are forced to call on all the other muscles to deliver the most power possible.  In doing this, you automatically achieve very good positions.

I still like the front arm progression the best.  Check out my video on that.  But this is also a good drill to do for understanding the feeling of a great swing.  Essentially, both of these methods - the front arm drill and pre-extending your wrists - will deliver the feeling of a great swing.  

Periodically, guys tell me they're having trouble when trying either one of these drills.  Then they send me video and I see that they are not trying to deliver the most power possible into the swing.  And so they are remaining within the swing structure of their old swing.  To avoid this, do either the front arm progression or the pre-extension progression while also trying to hit the ball as hard as possible.  This will automatically align your body to move the proper way.  No need to think about all the various parts of your body and how they're moving.  If you just try to hit the ball as hard as possible, all of the positioning will take care of itself.  That's the beauty of these two progressions. 

Again, the main objective here is to lead you to the feeling of a great swing as quickly as possible.  Once you understand the feeling, you don't need me anymore, and you can take this feeling with you to your very next game.   

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