The Front Arm Progression - The Secret Drill To Achieve a Great Baseball Swing Quickly


The 3 Minute Drill That Is Changing Baseball Swing Instruction

I was just like you.  I assumed that great swing mechanics was a skill that you build slowly, something like packing on muscle, improving your hand/eye coordination, or improving your pitch recognition.  But swing mechanics - the way in which you move through the swing - can be changed in a single instant to produce dramatically different results.

How is this possible?  Think of swing mechanics as a language.  The language of your swing communicates with the pitched ball to produce a result.  When you change the language of your swing, you change the program that it runs.  

This means that you don't need drills that are meant to be performed day after day and week after week.  You need a drill that simply leads you to the right feeling, one that you can perform once in order to understand what a great swing feels like.  Once you know what a great swing feels like, you don't need the drill anymore.  

That's what I present to you in this video, the first of its kind: A three minute progression that culminates in delivering the key feeling of the great baseball swing to you.  

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  • Kelly McNary

    I will be putting on a hitting camp in the near future. Front arm dominant drills and hitters like Griffey, Jr., and Ruth will be shown and discussed.
    The Swing Mechanic replied:
    Awesome, Kelly. I’ll have some more great drills being posted soon. Thanks for letting me know!


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