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The 15 Minute MP30 Practice Challenge

We challenge you to save time and money and get better than you’ve ever been at hitting. For the next month, follow this practice routine. If you aren’t noticeably better by the end of the month, send the bat back for a full refund plus shipping. This 15 minute workout will accomplish more than two hours of hitting in the cage!

PLEASE READ BEFORE USING: Make sure other people are at least twenty feet away and watching the player who is swinging the MP30 or MP28 training bat. Upon receiving the bat, rub the handle with sand paper and then pine tar. Continue to rub the bat with pine tar before each use. Swing the MP30 or MP28 slowly before your practice session to ensure you have a good grip on the bat and it will not slip out of your hands.

DISCLAIMER: The Swing Mechanic, LLC is not responsible for any injuries, regardless of how sustained, which a player recieves while using the MP30 or MP28 Training Bats. The Swing Mechanic, LLC assumes no responsibility for medical treatment of any player or for payment of medical bills.

Rub the MP Training Bat with sand paper and then pine tar

First 10 Minutes

Hold the MP30 Training Bat with a regular grip.

Hit balls off of a tee feeling your back elbow drop to your side in the forward swing.

Hold a balanced Finish for three seconds.

Last 5 Minutes
Hit balls off of a tee with your regular bat and feel the same motion
that you felt when swinging the MP Training Bat.

For even quicker results, swing the MP30 Training Bat on-deck before your game at bats.

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