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Learn the most effective hitting technique ever and start hitting like you've always dreamed.

ISBN: 978-1936107919

"Cevallos told Zobrist he could turn him into a power hitter... The results have been remarkable."
         - ESPN The Magazine

"Ted Williams once famously remarked, 'Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports'...Jaime Cevallos has made it his life's mission to conquer the unconquerable."
         - Dallas Morning News

Positional Hitting will open your eyes to a whole new world behind the baseball swing. You will learn:

•  How amateurs and professionals are achieving eye-popping results using the Positional Hitting method

•  The hitting myths and misconceptions that are currently holding you back from hitting your best

•  How the positions you achieve through the baseball swing directly correlate to your results on the field

•  The seven key positions of the baseball swing as seen on video

•  How to analyze your swing on video using precise measurements and train your positions with hitting drills that yield immediate results


The only real way to get better at hitting is to ultimately become your own best instructor. Start by purchasing Positional Hitting, then you can start filming your own swing and working on the proper drills.

Why has the author of Positional Hitting been featured in media worldwide, ranging from Baseball America and ESPN The Magazine to Mister Baseball in Europe?

“Jaime is way ahead of the game with his knowledge of hitting mechanics.”
   - Ben Zobrist, 2009 Tampa Bay Rays MVP

“Jaime Cevallos sees the future of baseball, and it is teeming with .400 hitters who routinely hit 80 home runs a season, and no one will point a finger at anything other than another baseball leaving another ballpark.”
   - The Tampa Tribune

“Jaime’s methods teach players to swing in a way that maximizes their power and consistency."
   - Dan Heefner, Head Coach, Dallas Baptist University

“The difference in Jaime and other hitting coaches is that he truly is a swing mechanic. He has the ability to pick apart your swing and allow you to get yourself in the best possible hitting position.”
   - Justin Ruggiano, MLB player, Tampa Bay Ray

Jaime Cevallos speaking to over a thousand coaches about his revolutionary Positional Hitting method at the 2010 ABCA Convention in Dallas.

Simple, Positional Hitting is the quickest and most effective method to hitting with more power and consistency. Positional Hitting is based on the use of video to improve your swing. Good video camcorders can be the best hitting training aid but you still need to interpret what you see. Astonishingly, few hitters are correctly using video feedback as the backbone of their analysis and training. And those that do, often don’t know what positions on video are good and what positions are bad. Many spend years struggling to make sense of their swing. Positional Hitting will teach you exactly how to use video to analyze and train your swing so you can hit like you’ve always dreamed in very little time. It’s already working at the Major League Level. In 2007, when author Jaime Cevallos taught his methods to Major League Players, they saw immediate results. One of his first students was Tampa Bay Rays’ Ben Zobrist, who had a .200 batting average and 3 home runs in two years prior to working on Positional Hitting. In the two years after working on the Positional Hitting method, Zobrist batted .285 with 39 home runs and won the Tampa Bay Rays team MVP award in 2009. Since then, Cevallos’s Positional Hitting method has helped numerous players at the Major League level.

“Jaime is way ahead of the game with his knowledge of hitting mechanics.”
    - Ben Zobrist, 2009 Tampa Bay Rays MVP

No other hitting method in baseball history has gotten the results that Positional Hitting has been able to attain in so little time - not the Ted Williams' method, not Charlie Lau's laws, not linear hitting, and not rotational hitting. But Positional Hitting isn’t just getting results at the Major League level, it’s getting immediate and measureable results at all levels of baseball. As you read this, Positional Hitting is changing the way hitters practice all over the world. As far as hitting instructional books go, the Positional Hitting book is way ahead of its time.

“Jaime Cevallos isn’t normal. Ever since he was a kid, when his classmates were off to prom or driving to house parties hooting and hollering, he was in his front yard, hitting baseballs through a tire hung from a tree branch. He took notes, made changes, and took more notes. Now Major League Baseball players pay him to look at those notes..."
    - Timothy Ferriss, The Four Hour Body

“As a former Major League player and a youth coach for the past 13 years, I have seen hundreds of techniques and coaching systems. None of them have produced the results as quickly as what I have seen with Positional Hitting. Jaime has figured it out.”
    - Pat Combs, former MLB player, Philadelphia Phillies

Even fantasy baseball team owners can benefit by making more informed decisions on the players they draft by analyzing their swings with precision. Steve Moyer, the president of Baseball Info Solutions, a company that publishes books for Sabermetrics inventor Bill James, says:

“Jaime is changing the way hitters analyze and train their swings – from the little leaguers all the way up to the pros.”
    - Steve Moyer, President, Baseball Info Solutions

What Is The Science Behind Positional Hitting?

There are two things that a great hitting method will provide. The first is immediate improvement. Don’t believe the coaches and hitting instructors who say it takes years to see a difference with their method. If you work on the right things, it can happen immediately. And second is independence – a good hitting method should teach you how to eventually be your own coach. Not only because it will save you a tremendous amount of money that you would have spent on lessons, camps and clinics, but also because only by understanding the swing yourself, will you be able to reach your full potential. Positional Hitting will give you both of these things. Here are three ways it helps you do this:

1. Provide a precise way to measure your swing mechanics.
While other hitting methods speak in vague and general terms with regard to the mechanics of the swing, Positional Hitting will give you a fail-proof way for measuring your mechanics on video. For example, the highly anticipated CSR equation for measuring your swing mechanics has been a hot topic as of late and is featured in Positional Hitting for the first time for all to see and learn. The CSR equation is a measurement of angles of the bat and body at the moment of contact with the baseball. This equation has recently been helpful for scouts to predict how a player will perform with his current swing. It is also very useful however, in helping players who want to improve their hitting. The following is a chart from Positional Hitting and shows CSR scores for Major League Baseball players along with their career Slugging Percentages and OPS:

The CSR scores for Major League Baseball players along with their career Slugging Percentages and OPS.

Jaime studies the swings of the Charleston Riverdogs (AA) hitters in 2002.

2. Positional Hitting gives you a clear understanding as to why certain swing positions work and others don’t.
Other hitting methods are based on what one or two good hitters do, Positional Hitting is based on what all great hitters and NO average hitters do. By looking at thousands of swings of great hitters and average hitters through the years, Jaime Cevallos has discovered what separates the two groups - the key positions of the baseball swing. But Positional Hitting doesn’t just explain what the key swing positions are. It also explains why they work. By thoroughly understanding why a good swing works, a player learns to develop his own swing. He starts to become his own instructor, which is necessary for reaching his full potential.

3. There is no moving baseball in any of the Positional Hitting drills.
A typical team practice primarily consists of batting practice and soft toss, otherwise known as “moving ball” practice. Jaime Cevallos discovered that teams’ practices on average consist of 600% more “moving ball” practice than is necessary. It’s the positions that separate great hitters from average hitters, not hand/eye coordination or confidence. Practice time should therefore be positional – analyzing and training the positions of players’ swings. Only when you change the positions that you achieve through the swing can you change the results that you achieve on the field. It’s like a math equation, when you achieve better positions through your swing, you will see better results.

“The difference in Jaime and other hitting coaches is that he truly is a swing mechanic. He has the ability to pick apart your swing and allow you to get yourself in the best possible hitting position.”
       - Justin Ruggiano, MLB player, Tampa Bay Rays

“Jaime’s knowledge of the swing is unprecedented and he offers a unique and successful method of employing proper swing mechanics.”
       - Chris Rosenbaum, Frontier League (Washington)

“To see the difference between before I started working with Jaime in 2007 and the season after working with him in 2008, the numbers speak for themselves.”
       - Drew Sutton, MLB player, Cincinnati Reds

“This spring our power numbers went up and our strike outs went down. Jamie's work definitely helped in this success."
       - Rob Ramseyer, MidAmerica Nazarene University

“My son hit his first high school (varsity) home run tonight. Thanks in no small part to you.”
       - Paul Granderson, father of a future star

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