The Swing Mechanic's Front Arm Dominant eBook

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What is the eBook about?

The Swing Mechanic's Front Arm Dominant eBook is 100 pages of everything I have learned about the baseball swing for the last twenty years.   It pairs perfectly with the Swing Mechanic's Training Bat, as the main drill described within it - the front arm progression - requires a small bat.  You can get the training bat and eBook bundle for a discount here.

But Front Arm Dominant is more than just a single drill.  It's a complete reshaping of how you see swing instruction in baseball and how you can succeed in today's instructional landscape without getting overwhelmed by data and information.  

You'll learn:

  • How the “New School” Hitting Coaches Are Teaching Swing Mechanics All Wrong
  • How To Structure Your Practice And Exercise Routines To Become Front Arm Dominant and Excel Your Hitting Performance
  • How To Train All Five Skills Of Hitting To Become The Most Dominant Hitter In Your League
  • A Complete Understanding Of Swing Mechanics So You Can Monitor Your Swing And Stay On Top Of Your Game